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My Book for Holiday Planners has been Released on Audible as an Audio Book!

Very thrilled to see that my new book has been released on Audible as an audio book! "THE HOLIDAY EVENT PLANNER'S BIBLE" A Guide to a Smooth Company Holiday Party" provides step-by-step tips on arranging a successful event. I published the paperback version of this book (currently available on Amazon) to help my own clients.   It can be scary to be in charge of an event that you will be judged for long after the party is over so this short book will help guide even the most inexperienced party planners into making their Holiday events memorable. Having entertained at hundreds of company events around the country both large and small, I have seen super-expensive events flop and Holiday parties with minimal budgets become spectacular events.  This book guides you so that no matter the budget, your upcoming event can be the very best it can be. For those working on organizing this year's Holiday event – this short guide, based on years of professional experience, wi

Wonderful Idea for Country Clubs during this downtime...

Image I woke up this morning and saw an email promoting this auction from Pinehurst Resort & Country Club, and I thought to myself -- "What a wonderful idea!": During this time of "Social Isolation" where country clubs (and others) are shut down, this is a promotion that will keep club members engaged during this crisis, auction off many things that will bring members to the club when this epidemic is over and more importantly help employees who have been furloughed. As of this writing, the site has already raised over $70,000 -- and as far as I can tell this auction started just today! This is something other clubs can easily model! And not just County Clubs (although their members may be in a better position to bid at higher levels), but this could work for theaters, schools, restaurants -- and with a little thought can be adapted to help nearly any business! Give it a try!