Harry is Now Available on Amazon!

On Your Own - By Harry Maurer

Available on Amazon.com

I am proud to say that my business book for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses is now available on Amazon!

"Show Business" is two words -- and with over 30 years in the BUSINESS of entertainment, I have learned things and found tools that can make ANY business more successful!

The book contains 50 free and low-cost software, programs and online tools to help businesses grow.

I started collecting these resources for my own business, and although I have many programs that I pay top dollar for, I do what any new business proprietor, solo business owner or entrepreneur would do: Before I invest a lot of money in something I “think” I might need, my first step is to research and find a low-cost solution to my problems and I test them out to see if they will solve the problems that I am trying to solve.

At times, the programs I find are too simplistic, unreliable, or too cumbersome to warrant using them, but there are many times when I find amazing programs that allow me to accomplish exactly what I need to do, and many of these programs I still use today in my business. (Because I think they are great!)

On a side note, I am also involved with helping a number of non-profit organizations run campaigns economically. Because they have limited financial resources, I set them up with systems and programs that allows them to meet their needs— and they have been shocked and thrilled at what they have been able to accomplish at little or no cost!

I have tested these programs and services that I am recommending and have determined that the resources I am including in this book are extremely suitable for both new and established businesses. Some of these programs and services may sound familiar to you, but I think you will be surprised at the free and low-cost options they offer!

Take a look!


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